Testimonials and References

Testimonials below, if you would like references please do not hesitate to make contact for details.

"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Alex as a companion and helper.


Alex has been looking after my mother for the last 4 years, at first just taking her out on trips and appointments building up to being her invaluable support in all matters of her life. Alex takes charge of my mother’s medication and hospital appointments and is totally reliable in ensuring that we are kept informed of her medical needs. She was incredibly flexible in enhancing my mother’s recent hospital stay, visiting at every meal time and liaising with hospital staff to ensure that Ma got up to strength and back home as soon as possible.


Alex is totally trustworthy, dependable and kind and has a great sense of humour. She has a lovely manner with the elderly - her tone is just right - never patronising or tactless. She is efficient but never officious and enables them to have as much independence and happiness in their lives as possible. She is incredibly practical and even bled the radiators for us when she noticed they were not working properly!


Alex has been an absolute tower of support to us all, alerting us to any issues before they become problems. We honestly don’t know what we would do without her!"

Anna (April 2018) 


"Alex worked with my Mother and me from November 2013 to the end of April 2016. During that time she supported both of us through my Mother’s increasing dementia and physical frailty, and her ever-changing care needs. My mother died in December 2015, and Alex was with her on her last day of life, comforting my mother whilst I made the journey to her bedside. Alex then supported me through the ensuing administrative tasks with care and sympathy.


Alex combines practicality and common sense with compassion and specialist knowledge. She also has that other essential ingredient - a good sense of humour.


Alex provided my mother with companionship, took her on outings, to medical appointments and on regular shopping trips, enabling her to maintain her social life and her sense of self. I do not live locally, so Alex has liaised with doctors and care agencies on my behalf, and has been on hand to sort out unforeseen practical issues, such as a failed boiler thermostat and a broken freezer door.


My Mother trusted and relied upon Alex, and I was reassured that she had the support of someone so caring and competent. Alex also supported me whilst making difficult decisions over my Mother’s care and has proved to be a well-informed, sensible, and sensitive adviser.


Since my Mother’s death, Alex has helped another close family member through a personal crisis and is still available in person and at the end of a phone to offer support if required.


I would not hesitate to recommend Alex’s services. She is extremely capable and entirely trustworthy"

Sarah (February 2015)



"Many older clients lack close family on hand at key stages for all sorts of reasons.  I was therefore extremely grateful to you, Alex, for everything you did to help recently with an older client’s move into a care home.  You performed the role of an astute, active and caring next of kin when it mattered.


By teaming up with us, our client was able to receive a very personal and attentive service on every single aspect of her move – and at reasonable cost.  Critically, our client was able to retain a sense of control over an otherwise extremely difficult process.  I would certainly use your services again in a range of situations."

Mark Walker - Legal Director - Morrisons Solicitors LLP (November 2014)



“I have no hesitation in recommending Alex as highly competent, totally reliable and utterly trustworthy.”

A J Ralph – Managing Director – Sven Christiansen plc (April 2013)

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