Services provided

Managing or overseeing Support at home

There often comes a time when we are still able to live independently but we are not managing quite as well as we used to, during this period we become more vulnerable in many ways. Some of the things that we could do with ease ourselves become more challenging be they physically or mentally. Replacing a light bulb or keeping on top of paperwork - often this is when a family member steps in to assist, but not everyone has someone able to help. I am able to oversee/manage the situation to ensure all is well and being catered for. Even when there is a care package in place, it is usually focused on the personal care required and does not cover managing the home effectively. Some Care Providers would say that they can provide this, but all too often the individuals are not experienced, competent or proactive in this area. I come from a quality, service, facilities and risk based management background, which makes me a proactive manager. Proactive management can reduce or eliminate unnecessary hospitalisations.

* Basic home maintenance * Reviewing services * Paperwork * Security * Safety *

Transitional Support

For some there comes a time when more significant changes need to be made. It may be modifications to the home, downsizing, relocation or moving into a care facility. These can be very challenging, time consuming, stressful and emotional times for all involved. I can either project manage or work alongside family and professionals to ensure they go smoothly.

* Work with family/friends/professionals/discharge teams *

*Packing * Moving * Unpacking * De-cluttering * House clearances *


Ad hoc support

It is very hard to find someone that is happy and able to provide ad hoc support. Most care providers want to have a commitment of ‘x’ hours/days of support, I try to remain flexible enough to fill the gaps when they need filling.

* Respite for the primary Carer * Outings * Appointments * Shopping * Companionship *

* Dog walking/boarding *


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