About Guardian Services

Guardian Services is a provided by myself, Alex Lepkowski. I am in my early 50's and have lived in Surrey for over 40 years and in Bramley for over 12 years. I love dogs and walking which gets me out into the countryside. I enjoy cycling and Spinning (cycling on exercise bikes indoors) for general fitness. In years gone by I have worked with horses, played squash badly, played tennis equally badly, had a brief encounter with archery, bee keeping and sailing. Whilst I hold a Day Skipper sailing qualification you'd have to be mad to let me skipper!

All my working life I have enjoyed providing exceptional service, managing and working with people as part of a team, respecting everyone for who they are and encouraging the best out of people. I strongly believe that good communications is at the core of providing a quality service. I am approachable, reliable, discreet and trustworthy.


Back around 2005 I found myself dealing with my mothers ill health along with all the issues that came with it. I was able to assist her with a house move and subsequent lengthy hospital stays and finally to a care home. However, it was all a juggling act between her needs and mine at the time. On reflection, I believe I did a good job of ensuring her safety, however there was just one area that I let her down on and that was the time I had left for her - to chat, have lunch, go out together etc. I have set up Guardian Services to help others with their juggling acts and to help them to still find time to spend together or if you are too far away, to proxy for you. All too often I meet clients who "don't want to be a burden" on their loved ones, so they keep quiet about their concerns and needs. I can help them obtain the right support without feeling that they are a burden on loved ones.

I hold an Enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) Certificate, copy on request, this replaces the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) certificate. I was also a qualified First Aider at Work held for approximately 30 years, however I have let this lapse but still refresh my basic training regularly. I am also a F1RST member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. 


I am also a 'Dementia Friend' supporting the need to increase awareness of dementia in the community so that we are all able to support in our own way those around us who might be struggling with this disease.

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